Want your own Website?

Would you like to have a website built and maintained? If so, please call me @ 813-421-2158. I can create and maintain a web site similar to this one cheaply! Please contact me and let's talk how your own web site can make you more money! Steven Smith 813-421-2158


Website Optimization

Do you already have a website but nobody visits it? Your website needs to be optimized. Optimization is designing and redesigning of a web site to have it rank highly in the Google and Yahoo search engines. My sites rank high for many, many relevant search terms. This was not by random chance! Web site optimization requires almost daily tweaking of the site. Most websites have to be redesigned to be search engine friendly. If your site needs a boost in its ratings, consider hiring me!

Website Marketing

Website marketing involves a pay-per-click marketing campaign with Google and Yahoo. There are other search engines that offer pay-per-click campaigns but are essentially irrelevant when you consider Google and Yahoo and their affiliated search engine clients have over 90% of the search market. I coordinate several pay-per-click campaigns for various businesses. With pay-per-clicks a person can have their website listed number one, within a day. Of course to be listed number one, you have to pay the most. Most website owners do not have the time or the expertise to do their own website marketing. Hire me! I am inexpensive and good!


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