Tampa Heights House for Sale

Located @ 410 East Forest Avenue; Tampa, Flordia 33602 $49,900 sold!


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  • 3 Bedroom 1 Bath  1155 sqft +/-
  • Central AC
  • Frame bungalow
  • Tanner Place s/d
  • Year Built 1905
  • 46' x 110' site
This old frame Tampa Heights home was built in 1905, has 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. It has 1155 +/- square feet and has central AC. This real estate is close to downtown Tampa. It is located in a neighborhood that is actively being redeveloped. Please verify any and all information you feel is relevant. We suggest a building contractor's opinion for an accurate estimate of the repair cost. This home is occupied!
Priced to sell at $49,900 - sold


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