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Sinkhole Damaged House for Sale in Lakeland!
5904 Chaps Drive, Lakeland, Florida 33813
This pool home is located in Polk County. It has concrete block construction and had an insurance claim paid for sinkhole problems. A comprehensive geotechnical survey was completed by Central Florida Testing Laboratories, Inc., at the request of Nationwide Insurance Company. Sink hole activity was found to have occurred and a subsurface grouting program has been recommended, using 32 grout points and approximately 500-600 cubic yards of cement grout, for remediation. A complete review of the engineering report by the buyer is required prior purchase. Please verify any and all information you feel is relevant.

Active listings in 2005 and 2006 in the neighborhood

5904 Chaps Dr, Lakeland, Fl 33813 - Sold Properties

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