Tampa Fixer-Upper for Sale!

114 East Emily Street; Tampa, Fl. 33603

Tampa fixer upper for sale

$58,000 - not available

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  • 3* Bedroom 1 Bath  1072 sqft +/-
  • Piney Woods Addition subdivision
  • Frame Construction
  • Fenced yard
  • Year Constructed 1918
  • 50' x 120' site


This frame home was built in 1918, should have 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Currently the living room was converted to bedrooms.  The current floor plan has 6 bedrooms and one bath.  It has 1072 +/- square feet. This home is located just north of downtown Tampa. Please verify any and all info you feel is relevant. This home is occupied!


Priced to sell at $58,000
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