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front of commercial bungalow

2006 Howard Avenue; Tampa Fl.

$47,500 - sold 07/2004
This home is vacant!
  • 984 sqft +/- 3 Br 1Bath
  • West Tampa Bungalow
  • Built 1913
  • Complete Remodel
  • Central Air-conditioning
  • 31' x 74' (zoned commercial)

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This bungalow house is located north of Intrastate 275 and near the intersection of Spruce Avenue and Howard Avenue. This property needs a complete renovation.It's located in an area that is experiencing a lot of renovation. It is zoned CI which is commercial. I recommend a general contractor's opinion as to the costs and requirements for this and any other fixer upper home featured on this web site. The city or county building department should be called to verify if there are any code violations on this home or any other house featured on this website. This home as well as any other home featured on this web site probably has termites. Please have any and all professional inspections done. Verify any and all information you feel is relevant. Most homes on this website (including this one) need to be purchased with cash or a lender who specializes in the financing of dilapidated homes (hard money lender). These homes will not qualify for FHA, VA or conventional financing because of their condition. Structural settlement issues should be resolved by a qualified professional.

side view
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